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Study on Reasonable Development and Planning of Urban Waterfront Space

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Tutor: WangShiJun
School: Northeast Normal University
Course: Urban Planning and Design
Keywords: Space,The urban waterfront space,Place,Ecological environment,People
CLC: TU984.18
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Reviewing the history of human development, the history about development of the waterfront space can be summarized as several stages,including formation, development,prosperity,decline and redevelopment .Throughout the past few centuries, waterfront areas have grow to be an important part of urban economy development.The urban waterfront districts have appeared a configurable decline, but its superior geographic conditions, relatively cheap land cost and unique landscape environment have a huge appeal to investors,so there is a global urban waterfront Renaissance wind sweeping from western in recent decades.In forty to fifty years, waterfront areas¡¯reconstruction and development in foreign and domestic both have achieved great success. whereas in China, due to different parts of different situations, how could we reference those foreign successful development experiences? How can we develop the waterfront space and make it into become a vibrant city public space? The perpose of this paper is to seek an appropriate answer, finding the reasonable waterfront space development and how to provide a comfortable hydrophilic environment for people by space planning .In the paper, I did a lot of study and analysis on related theoretical research and practical items about the development of domestic and foreign waterfront space.On the basis of the summarizing predecessors¡¯ experience, the designing principle and method of respecting the nature and places context is put forward. A guiding system, "environmental governance - ecological system construction - close water and detail design guiding - ecological education" ,about ecological space planning and designing was carried out.Then the waterfront space designed for Changchun YiTong river in southern new was used as the research object using the former theoretical achievements as guidance to verify and support the theoretical results that had been stated.This paper might provide some references for the next urban waterfront space planning and construction.
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