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The Songhua River Basin (jilin Section) Urbanization Development Influence on Water Environment Effe

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Tutor: YangQingShan
School: Northeast Normal University
Course: Urban Planning and Design
Keywords: urbanization,Songhua river basin (Jilin section),Songhua river water environment
CLC: F299.27
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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The rapid development of China¡¯s urbanization, brought the urban population has expanded, the urban land expansion and development, meanwhile the agglomeration economy city produced a series of environmental problems, especially for the water environment caused a tremendous pressure. China, as a high population density of the developing countries, where urban sustainable development strategy implementation process, urban water environment problem is urgent need to address the key problem. Therefore, urbanization of urban water environment influence to become the focus of attention, also became concerned expert scholar research hot spot. Correct understanding of urbanization development and the water environment influence each other law, adopt appropriate urbanized development pattern, urbanization and water environment in promoting the coordinated development of the great significance.Jilin province is the northeast old industrial base, along with the state promotes the northeast old industrial base, Jilin province began to develop called to the surrounding the cities of industrial, caused certain influence river, especially a basin of the largest, most Songhua river flows through the city. The Songhua river is the mother of Jilin province from 1990s, water quality is worse and worse, pollution is more and more serious, a basin of gradually was also decrease. Along with the development of industrialization and urbanization, industrial wastewater, sewage and raising livestock emissions increases unceasingly, sewage water pollution situation becomes more and more serious, and cause water use function drops, resource shortage is more serious.This paper is based on the theory of urbanization, in Jilin province as an example, on the urbanization development and the Songhua river basin of water environment on the basis of investigation of Jilin province, urbanization and the Songhua river basin water environment related degree and the influence degree analysis. And on this basis puts forward some measures to coordinate both development.
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