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The Historical Evolution and Optimized Tactics of Changchun Urban Open Space

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Tutor: PangRuiQiu
School: Northeast Normal University
Course: Urban Planning and Design
Keywords: urban open space,historical evolution regulations,optimized tactics
CLC: TU984.113
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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As part of the urban space, urban open space takes more and more attention by the public, since it is an important substance support of social life. The urban open spaces with different characteristics are produced by different epoch. Analyzing their historical evolution has important effect to the development of the urban open space at present and even in future. Based on the cross-discipline theory of urban planning and history and others, this article attempts to analyze the evolutional history of open space in Changchun, reveal internal logic of the historical development of open space in Changchun.In this article, we make the process of historical development of open space in Changchun as subject, ranging from streets to squares and parks in the central area of the city. In this article, the urban open spaces are defined and classified at first. All of the processes of Changchun s history are divided into four stages, which are the completion of the early period, the puppet Manchukuo period, recovery and construction period and a new period of reform and opening up. The city building construction and urban open space of each period are described in detail, the state and characteristics of development in each period are analyzed, and the historical picture of urban open space in Changchun are reproduced too.Entering the twenty-first century, Changchun faced a problem in the development of urban open space, that is how to improve the situation next. By way of analyzing state and characteristics of urban open space in different stages in Changchun, we revealed the laws in the historical evolution of urban open space in Changchun, including, urban open space guided by terrain and water, improvement in quality of urban open space, the variety of function of urban open space become more obviously and so on. Economic, political, technological and geographical cultural factors impacting public space of Changchun are analyzed. Current problem in aspects like imbalance of distribution, slow development, motivation loss, fragmentation and the strong government will of the current situation of open space in Changchun are found out. Thereby, we propose a referenced measure for the future construction planning of urban open space in Changchun.
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