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Urban Colorscape Research in Yanji City

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Tutor: PangRuiQiu
School: Northeast Normal University
Course: Urban Planning and Design
Keywords: Urban Colour,Urban Colorscape Design,Regionality
CLC: TU984
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Urban colorscape reflects the internal culture of a city to some extent,so color is very important to a city.At present,urban colorscape is a new research project in the country,it aroused the attention of the scholars,but the relevant theories and study need to be inproved and in-depth further.Taking color science and color geography as the main theoretical foundation,using the field research as the main means of research,the paper has carried out systematic research on urban colorscape in Yanji city.The first part of the article has described the background and sense of the research.It supports the research method of colorscape in Yanji city and explicates the research progress and exsit problmes about urban colorscape at home and abroad. The second part of the article has given out the summary and understand to relevant theories.The third part has explicated the content system of urban colorscape design. The fourth part of the article has analysized the status and causes on urban colorscape in Yanji city and put forward the solution measures and programmes.The fifth part suggested the logos and recommended chromatograph of colorscape design according to the local and national chromatograph in Yanji city.And also gave several strategies to improve the status quo.The last part of this paper was looking into the distance of Yanji¡¯s urban colorscape.This paper analysised the special regional status of Yanji from the aspect of regional culture and visual aesthetics.Through the study on this subject,the thsis can provide the certain theoritecal basis and practical feasible operating method for the planning and design on urban colorscape in Yanji which could make the colourscape suitable to represent local traditional culture and territoriality.This subject can promote the protection and development of humanism environment,and create high quality habitat,and make urban colorscape territoriality to develop sustainably.
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