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Research on Urban Spatial Structure Vulnerability of Daqing City Based on Exploitation of Oil

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Tutor: WangShiJun
School: Northeast Normal University
Course: Urban Planning and Design
Keywords: oil exploitation,Urban Spatial Structure,Vulnerability,Daqing
CLC: TU984.113
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Urban spatial structure being urban elements linked and combined in space, theprojection of city¡¯s economic and social structure, which is the responses of urbaneconomy, social and ecology in space and is an important aspect of healthydevelopment of the city. Different types cities with different characteristics anddifferent evolution of urban spatial structure, mining city as a rather special typeof cities, in its development process reflects the particularity and its inherentproperty¡ª"because mine was built" determines many problems to be solved. Thespatial structure of mining city as s a major aspect of urban issues has always been ahot content which is studying by a large number of urban geographers and planners.With the development of theory and research methods, study mining city of urbanspatial structure problem from a new perspective and new approaches. Thispaper from the vulnerability perspective, making the use of GIS spatialanalysis tools ,taking the example of typical oil city of Daqing, discusses theformation mechanism and evolution. And it is the first time that attempts toconstruct the vulnerability indicators of the urban spatial structure from urban spatialdegree of fragmentation, compact ratio,slump flow , forming vulnerability indexsystem to measure the reasonable, sensitivity ,and non-economic of urban spatialstructure. Then from the analysis of oil exploitation and urban spatial structureinteraction to study the contribution of oil exploitation to urban spatial structurevulnerability ,from which gets the result that oil urban spatial structure vulnerabilitybecause of a single economic factor that oil exploration and oil explorationand subsequent production and construction. From the leading causes of theseproblems, proposed measures to avoid the vulnerability of urban spatial structure :first,integrate the existing oil production space to solve the urban spatial structurebroken because of oil exploration space broken; second, strengthen other forces topromote urban spatial structure, in order to solve the issue of vulnerability becausesingle economic factors determined the urban spatial structure.
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