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Based on the Concept of Sustainable Development in Urban Renewal of Old Industrial Park

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Tutor: YeXiaoQun
School: Construction Industry Institute
Course: Urban Planning and Design
Keywords: old industrial park,sustainable,development,adjust,Renaissance
CLC: TU984.113
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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As the integration and the readjustment of industrial structure in world economic, the traditional industrial structure, economic system and transportation mode has changed a lot, so in a group of old industrial parks in the planned economy time has declined and become a stumbling block to the development of cities. In the last century, foreign scholars propose the theory of "sustainable development". Under the influence, people no longer blind pursuing GDP growth and technical strength, but pay more attention to the development of cities, the adjustment of industrial structure optimization and the urban land using structure optimization.This paper based on the "sustainable development" concept, gathered in the city managers and planners for many domestic and foreign modern city , some of their own development advantage analysis and actual the difficulties faced by looking for the unique old industrial park development mode, from theory and practice of the planning and design of the old industrial park, and the latest development situation is the arrangement, analysis and comparison. At the same time, in the development of our industry consolidation process, our country¡¯s policies and the local actual condition, we analyzed the adjustment of the old city industrial park of development and construction planning update relevant material. From the grasp of the material, we summarized five value factors in old industrial park, social value, historical value, economic value, cultural value and use value, and puts forward in the new historical period, the concept of sustainable development of old industrial park is the update to provide guidance and promote the role. They have exist constraints, these three complement and mutual contain each other.Base on the sustainable development theory as the guide, adjusting the update for the target, this paper has three aspects (the industrial structure, design and construction ), through the CiHu economic development park in MaAnShan for the actual research case. As a new high-tech industrial park, the renewal of the old industrial park construction project should stand in the international industrial development process of big social background, according to the " two back and two forward" policy, easing the local nervous land resources, the increase of traffic, etc. The design and construction technique bold use new technology, new material and so on, in order to achieve the purpose of energy conservation and emission reduction, and the sustainable development theory brings a series of new design theory, such as low carbon, environmental protection, ecology, etc. Comprehensive using of renewal design in the old industrial park is very appropriate. Therefore, sustainable development is not only a theory, its application experience of the construction of the urbanization of industrial park with a series of far-reaching significance.
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