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Quanhe Bridge Construction Monitoring & Control

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Tutor: WangYouZhi
School: Shandong University
Course: Architecture and Civil Engineering
Keywords: Long-span,Continuous Rigid Frame,Construction Monitoring,Construction Control
CLC: U445.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Up to now, our country of highway construction developing rapidly, has established more than 20000 kilometres. The construction of the bridge structure in highway construction occupies a position, also get the corresponding development, especially the river (river) and channel (wan) of the construction of the large bridge corolla, whether general highway or on the highway bridge and all kinds of function of large and medium-sized overpass, many forms and constantly improve the quality of the project, namely to meet people¡¯s needs, but also reflects the bridge construction in our country and the great achievements.Continuous rigid frame of prestressed concrete continuous girder bridge belongs to a, use more variable cross-section box girder forms. The advantages of the continuous rigid frame is can cross is linked together, can also will edge across loosen, the bearings form a continuous beam system in the impend construct way; Can also pier beam consolidation, not for direct support to form a continuous structure. Now the construction technology of long span continuous rigid frame Bridges has been quite mature, long-span continuous rigid frame construction mainly by hanging basket, but how to design parameters and construction control organic combination is especially important, with the structure system formed after the design and calculation results of the accord with the degree of reliability and durability evaluation structure. Construction control throughout the whole construction process, construction monitoring as a control means, through the monitoring data to guide the construction, achieve control of purpose.Continuous rigid frame suitable for larger span length, high piers. High piers of using the flexible thin wall, as a column, the main role embedded solid is reduced, the stress of the continuous girder beams to. Flexible pier need to consider the longitudinal deformation and rotation of the girder influence and the stability of the piers bias column; Pier walls thicker, is taken as a rigid piers of continuous beam, as framework, pier to withstand the big moment.Due to the continuous rigid frame force and the use of the characteristics and the design long-span prestressed concrete bridge, preferred this bridge form. Of course, the shorter bridge pier, the bridge was limited.In recent years, China¡¯s highways built a number of well-known prestressed concrete continuous rigid frame, such as guangdong is an important bridge, the main hole 180 m; Huangshi Yangtze river bridge, the main hole 3 x 245 m; Guangdong humen bridge vice channel bridge, the main hole 270 m, now the world similar bridge the biggest span.This thesis long-span continuous rigid frame construction characteristics of spring river bridge construction project, the main monitoring. This paper from the bridge, construction plan making, hanging basket design calculation, construction process control, construction monitoring data analysis such aspects of, through the analysis of the monitoring data of research to guide the construction, and through the construction control to achieve validation data monitoring and design the intentions of the degree of agreement.
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