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The Market,residential Planning and Design,and the Countermeasures Study

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Tutor: TangLiMing
School: South China University of Technology
Course: Architecture and Civil Engineering
Keywords: The market,Residential planning and design,Effect,Countermeasure
CLC: TU984.12
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Housing is one of the basic human demands, China is a country with large population in the world, and the residential construction has been the main direction of urban construction. However, owing to the welfare housing distribution system flaw in the past, there are serious inequalities and the ups and downs of demand, to a great degree it covers up the actual demand. With the cancellation of "welfare time" policy, the latent housing purchase demand market finally emerges into the open markets, huge benefits temptation speeds up the housing construction socialization and industrialization process. Take Guangzhou as an example, they now have more than two thousand real estate companies. Residential commoditization encourages the housing market competition. In the fierce competition in the real estate for his place, and making substantial profit are in relation to the survival of enterprises. Under such a market background, this paper discusses the housing market factors on the influence of the layout and design, and puts forward the improvement and adjusts the residential planning methods countermeasures. All of these have direct instruction meaning for real estate market participants.Housing relates to us. Residential design and residential planning serve for the occupants and users. In the planned economy time, the housing design and residential planning is planned by the government, so the users are in a passive position. At the beginning of housing market period, residential design and residential planning are fuzzy. Followed by the development of housing marketization, especially residential market becomes a buyer¡¯s market, residential design and planning of residential are determined by the user¡¯s demands. Therefore, residential design residential planning and design theory system in methodology are all to be done a adjustment. Society should set up a complete market research mechanism platform for the designers. Meanwhile, the designers should fully understand the social economic development background, do in-depth market research, understand market demand, set clear design point, participate in the design and planning, and help the leaders with design direction in advance. The designers should communicate with residents and markets in the process of design, and finally provide the satisfactory products for the users.At the first chapter of this paper, we introduce the background of the thesis and research objective, then put forward the main research contents, the research methods, and then develop the research work framework. At the second chapter, the market theory is expounded. We study the housing market theory, summarize the residential planning design theory, analyze the present situation, and lay the foundation for the next step. The third chapter researches the effects of the housing market to residential planning and design, puts forward the adapt to market residential design and residential planning strategies in order to reflect the planning design of settlements, and develops a guide to the better residential community design. The fourth chapter lists out some of the real residential projects in Foshan city to further explain the effects of the housing market to, and propose some countermeasures.
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