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The Study in the Contribution to National Economy of Airport System

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Tutor: ZhangYan JiaoZhenLi
School: South China University of Technology
Course: Architecture and Civil Engineering
Keywords: airport project,National economy,Contribution
CLC: F124;F224
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Airport is the beginning and end of air transport is essential to an important node in the national and regional transport infrastructure in the core, its growth rate and level of development reflects a level of modern countries and regions, such as economic structure and the level of opennessperformance, and thus a measure of national and regional economic competitiveness of the important indicators.Although the airport aviation industry on the national economy and regional economic push and pull effect is obvious, but the domestic and international aviation airports in the national economy for the contribution of the role of quantitative research are few.In this paper, this problem, the use of regression analysis and input-output method of national economic contribution of the airport project made qualitative and quantitative analysis.The first summarizes the relevant research and development at home and abroad, and made this study content, methods and structure, the second chapter describes the theory of economic evaluation, and the definition from the airport and its economic characteristics, industry characteristics of the discussion, that the airportpublic infrastructure because of its quasi-public product attributes, in its feasibility study and assessment, different from the general business, to be its contribution to the national economy as the main measure.Chapter start with the data that the three major contributions of our national economy needs to come to invest in stimulating economic growth as one of the troika, in the national economy plays a very important position, and then from 2004 to 2009 by consultingyears, GDP and the total size of the construction of the airport¡¯s aviation industry data, linear regression analysis, through the analysis concluded that the aviation industry airport construction investment of gross domestic product between size and there are considerable relevance, Airport Aviationthe construction industry investment has an important role in stimulating national economic growth, GDP growth has led to the aviation industry airport construction investment, which led to the development of the airport aviation industry as a whole, this chapter is to introduce another important investment in productionthe theory, and China in 2007 through the appropriate adjustment of input-output table, the formation of this study airport aviation industry in the national economy associated with the data base.Chapter IV Chapter adjusted based on input-output data for analysis and found that the aviation industry to promote the airport made a great contribution to employment; airport, the aviation industry¡¯s influence factor of 1.245506, indicating that the airport and the national economy, other sectors of the aviation industryThe latter effect of a strong association of the national economy was significant, sensitivity coefficient of 0.39639, indicating that other sectors of the industry by the demand-pull effect is not obvious, for active development.Chapter to Baiyun airport relocation project is an example to demonstrate the analysis, focusing on analysis of its stimulating effect on employment, further illustrates the airport project contribution to national economies is irreplaceable.The final chapter of this summary, the article raised a number of prospects and pointed out the deficiencies.
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