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Research on Key Technology of Water Prevention and Control in Kilometric Vertical Shaft Construction

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Tutor: WangWeiMing;WuKeXin
School: Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course: Architecture and Civil Engineering
Keywords: deep vertical shaft,water gushing quantity prediction,face pre-grouting,grouting
CLC: TD745
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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With the high-speed development of national production and construction, shallow coal resources are becoming exhausted, deep mining is imperative, vertical shaft often crosses watery rock with complicated hydrogeological conditions,and water inrush are emerging, which seriously threaten workers¡¯life and the vertical shaft operation. It¡¯s becoming extremely important that water disaster prediction and prevention.Based on the vertical shaft construction of Anju coal mine and domestic and foreign advanced grouting theory, we analyze water gushing quantity prediction method, the flow rules of cement and mechanism of grouting, and then we fit grouting spread radius by simulation test, finally we conclude engineering measures that how to improve grouting effect, the main research content are as follows:(1) With analyzing hydrogeological conditions of Anju vertical shaft, we conclude the distribution range, thickness, fissure development rule, aquifers features of Jurassic sandstone with micro pores or fissure, and we predict the form of shaft jeopardize;(2) In view of hydrogeological conditions, the prediction method of water gushing quantity are appraised and evaluated;(3) We study the face pre-grouting theory, which mainly consists of the flow low of cement and chemical grout in the fracture network of rock mass. Then we present the plan of blancing water-cement ratio of cement grout and intermittent chemical grouting;(4) According to detection effects, we take face pre-grouting simulation test, analyze and process test data, deduce grouting spread radius fitted formula, analyze effect factor and their influence degree, and put forward plans of improving grouting effect.
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