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Research on the Using Fuzzy Mathematics to Predict Coal and Gas Outburst

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Tutor: NiZuo
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Solid Mechanics
Keywords: outburst of coal and gas,fuzzy mathematics,sensitive index,risk assessment
CLC: TD713
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Coal is an important energy and resources around the world, is closely linked to the lifeblood of the national economy .Outburst of coal and gas produces one of the major accident hazards in coal mines, seriously endangers the safety of coal production personnel, hinders economic development and threats to the safety of coal production personnel. As highlighted in the mechanism of domestic and not yet formed a unified view, gas outburst disaster the increasingly serious situation,this paper skip this cumbersome mechanism, researches prediction of coal and gas outburst directly, completes the outstanding forecasting and early warning. This paper is commissioned by the Guijin Coal Mine, to design a warning system of coal and gas outburst, give the suggestion of risk assessment about M9 of Guijin Coal Mine and solve the practical problems of Guijin Coal Mine. In this paper, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method would be used to predict coal and gas outburst of Guijin Coal Mine. Academic paper with the combined effects of generally accepted hypothesis, analyze conditions and patterns of occurrence of coal and gas outburst, summarizes the various factors on the impact of coal and gas outburst. The actual situation with the data collected by Guijin Coal Mine, identified, including coal seam thickness, burial depth, the complexity of geological structure, coal seam angle, diffuse initial velocity, consistent coefficient, etc., 9 sensitive indicators. With Fuzzy mathematics method, establishment factor set, evaluation set and the weight set. Determine the weight coefficient sensitive factor by Expert advice, constitute fuzzy evaluation system, give the Risk assessment results. Finally, write computer program of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation by MATLAB, give it to Guijin Coal Mine. It completes the risk assessment.
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