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Research on Syntheses, Characterization and Properties of the Copper(¢ò) and Nickel(¢ò) Polyaza Comple

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Tutor: ZhouHong PanZhiQuan
School: Wuhan Institute of Technology
Course: Inorganic Chemistry
Keywords: Polyamine complexes,Binuclear complex,DNA binding and cutting,Phosphomonoesteras
CLC: O641.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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In this paper, for the study of the target in the synthesis of novel nitrogen complexes, mainly to the synthesis, characterization and properties of the multi-nitrogen metal complexes synthesized four new complexes: the [CuL 1 2 ] (ClO 4 ) 2 1, [NiL 2 ] ClO 4 2, [ CuZnL 4 ] (OAC) (ClO 4 ) 3, [Cu 2 L 5 ] (ClO 4 ) 2 4. L 1 a new polyamine ligands, and magnetic resonance imaging of its structure was characterized. Get two at the same time as the research object the asymmetric multi macrocyclic complexes synthesized a new middle ligand H 2 L 3 , and ligand reaction kinds of new dual-core complexes 3,4. And characterized by elemental analysis, IR, UV spectra, electrospray ionization mass spectrometry and X-ray diffraction of the synthesized compounds were characterized. The electrochemical properties of the complexes were studied by cyclic voltammetry. The interaction of the complexes with DNA by gel electrophoresis. And complexes Phosphatase Activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and antibacterial activity of the nature of research work are as follows: 1. Synthesis of a new mononuclear copper (II) complexes [CuL < sup> 1 2 ] (ClO 4 ), 2 IR elemental analysis and X-ray crystallography of its structure characterized. A ligand of the complex object 1 L 1 N, N-bis (2 - aminoethyl) -2 - furan ethylamine. The octahedral ligand complexes of copper ion space configuration. The bottom plane of the octahedron of the four nitrogen atoms from the two ligands (L 1 ) N1, N2, N1A, N2A, the vertex position is from the two perchlorate The oxygen atoms O 2 O 2 A occupied. In addition to study the interaction of the complexes with DNA to study the changes in the concentration of the complexes of DNA cleavage effect of changes in reaction time. 2 Synthesis of a new intermediate ligand N, N'-dimethylene-methyl-benzene-N, N'-bis (3 - formyl-5 - Bromosalicylaldehyde) ethylenediamine (H 2 L 3 ), determined by nuclear magnetic resonance H 2 L 3 structure. And by the reaction of the template method two N (amine) 2 N (imine) 2 O 2 -type binuclear complex [CuZnL 4 ] (OAC) (ClO 4 ) 3, [Cu 2 L 5 ] (ClO 4 ) 2 4. The complexes were characterized using a variety of analytical methods. 3 through research complexes 1, two pairs of the hydrolysis of phosphate model catalytic found that complex 1 phosphoric acid hydrolysis rate can be improved, with a good catalytic activity. Found through analog SOD enzyme complex 4 Complex 4 has a certain activity. Studies have shown that complexes 3, 4 pairs of E. coli had certain inhibition. 4. Study the interaction between the complexes and DNA. Determined through experiments with CT-DNA complexes with DNA binding. Complexes of DNA cleavage effect. Which complex 1 and complex 2 pairs of supercoiled pBR 322DNA the cutting action is more obvious. Complexes quite cutting effects with dual-core Cu complex cutting effect.
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