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Preparation of Rare Earth Compounds Nanomaterials Using DNA as Templates

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Tutor: DongXiangTing
School: Changchun University of Science and Technology
Course: Inorganic Chemistry
Keywords: DNA,Low-dimensional,nanostructures,Rare earth fluorides,Rare earth orthophosphat
CLC: TB383.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Rare earth compounds have been excellent hosts for luminescence materials owing to their various structural features, special physical and chemical characteristics. The properties of rare earth luminescent nanomaterials largely depend on their structure, morphology and size.Therefore, the synthesis of luminescent nanomaterials with controlled morphology and size has also aroused a lot of concern from the scientists. DNA can be employed as template to fabricate various complicated nanostructures of novelty due to its special skeleton structures and fascinating self-assembling functions. Consequently, preparation of rare earth nanomaterials using DNA as template is an important subject of study.In this dissertation, LaF3:Eu3+. CeF3:Tb3+, YPO4:Eu3+ and YVO4:Eu3+ mesoporous nanospheres, YF3:Eu3+ mesoporous nanosheets and GdF3:Eu3+ mesoporous nanoolives and LaPO4:Eu3+ mesoporous nanorods were firstly synthesized by hydrothermal method using herring pure DNA as the templates. The samples were characterized by x-ray diffractometry(XRD), transmission electron microscope(TEM), fluorescence spectroscopy and nitrogen adsorption and desorption(ASAP). The results show that the average particle size of the mesoporous nanospheres is about 30-50nm; the average length of the mesoporous nanorods is about 50-80nm, and the average poresize isl3nm. Some meaningful results were obtained, and laid some foundations for the future study of biological template preparation of rare earth nanostructured luminescent materials.
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